Why Are Fitness Influencers & Gym Chain Owners FURIOUS Over The Release of This 100% FREE Weightloss Test?


Incredible new weight loss trick breaks the internet in shocking news update. Image Credit: - Love Sweat Fitness

There’s no hiding the fact that,

Every year in America, millions of people continue to miss their yearly weight loss resolutions.

From the busy 27-year-old who hoped to drop a few pounds for the summer or her next reunion;

To the medically-challenged who have desperately tried everything from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to lose the fat fast with ZERO success…

So with such BIG NEED for rapid weight loss options that actually work,

Why is 2019’s most important weight loss breakthrough facing such ANGRY opposition from gym owners, fitness gurus and big influencers?

Truth About Weight Loss In 2019

As the news gets out there about how this secret free test that can 3x your weight loss speed, several fitness industry big players feel threatened…

And the reason is because,

The new shocking weight loss trick may actually help you lose up to 25.7lbs in excess body fat within 7 weeks with ZERO exercise & ZERO fasting. You don’t even have to lift a finger…

How Does It Work?

STEP 1 - Complete Your Free BMI & Metabolism Assessment...

First, complete your 100% free online assessment - a test you should take right now to discover why you haven't been able to burn your excess fat as fast as you’d like.

This step is so important because,

Despite celebrities frequently achieving incredible results on the same diets and weight loss plans you've only grown frustrated with…

Their 1 hidden secret is that they actually go a step further to customize these weight loss plans to suit their Body Mass Index, Resting Metabolic Rate (i.e. how much fat you burn while resting) and precise tastes in food (i.e. so you don’t have to starve or eat boring foods with zero variety)...

And that makes all the difference….

But with tests for such personalized weight loss plans running upwards of $5,000+ service at most facilities. You may find it out of reach to enlist this celebrity style help each month…

On the other hand, with this latest DIY home quiz,

You simply run your answers through this our advanced body mass indexing algorithm - to instantly receive your BMI / RMR numbers and have can opt for rapid results analysis to show you exactly how you can 3X your weight loss in less than 30 days.

This test is %1000 free online for a limited time. After all, not everyone has $5,000 dollars to spend on a personalized consultation with the world’s top experts. Right?

Start Your Free Test Here

STEP 2 - Eat Delicious Meals 3X Daily, Lose Fat Faster!

After you’ve completed your free test, you’ll be emailed your results with instructions.

And, as mentioned, for only $1.99 extra - much less than you spend on a cup of coffee - you have the option to run your results through our Advanced BMI Keto algorithm.

This unlocks the best non-restrictive weight loss plans and delicious diet recipes that burn stubborn fat in areas like your arm flabs, belly, thighs and chin… And yes, it's all totally customized to suit the exact results of your BMI, resting metabolic rate and lifestyle test on the next page...

Many fitness gurus are FURIOUS as this cuts into their BIG pie of selling diet / weight loss plans - many of which you see little results with due to lack of personalization!

Right now, they are vowing to keep this secret for 3x faster weight loss permanently out of your hands by ABSOLUTELY refusing to promote it or reveal to their audience.

“Only a few forward-thinking influencers have expressed the good intention to put followers’ needs first by promoting this breakthrough new DIY at-home test. And to reward their good will, this test is free for the first few hundred who take the opportunity right now - before May, 31.”

“When this promotion ends and your price goes back up to $299 for each test and $39.95 per customized weight loss plan based on your BMI & RMR results - still a bargain!” CEO Henrik Le announces.

STEP 01 - Start Your FREE Test Now

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